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Charles Koch’s Advice: Empower Everyone to Succeed

February 11, 2021

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Everyone has something to offer if they’re empowered to do so.

That’s one major takeaway from a wide-ranging interview with Charles Koch and Brian Hooks, chairman and CEO of the Stand Together philanthropic community, on Bloomberg’s “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations.”

From transforming businesses to criminal justice reform to occupational licensing and more, Charles and Brian discussed how to help people break down systemic barriers that prevent others from succeeding – to work with anyone committed to helping others improve their lives. In the interview, Charles said he is willing to work with anyone to do just that.

“If [the president] wants to talk about how to empower people, boy, I would be there in a nanosecond,” Charles said.

Charles explained the motivation for writing his latest book with Brian released last November, Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World, was to help empower others.

“I wanted to help everybody have the benefit of the ideas that transformed my life and enabled me to achieve more than I ever believed possible and have done so for many others,” Charles said. “And those are basically what I call the principles of human progress. And those start with recognizing that everyone has a gift. Everyone has something to offer which they will do if they're empowered to do so.”

Asked “the secret” for Koch Industries’ transformation over the decades, Charles tied it back to his personal journey to more fully realize his own capabilities.

“I read everything I could from all different, all relevant disciplines, all different perspectives to find principles that I could use and apply in the business and my life to enable me to believe in myself. And I started to apply them in business, and they worked. They worked beyond my belief and beyond anything I hoped for, and that absolutely transformed my life,” Charles said. “My whole life has been looking for principles that enabled me to contribute or improve the principles we’re applying and better apply them. And so, every day is like I'm reborn.”


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