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Baking Soda Balloons

The goal of this experiment is to demonstrate the power of gas produced when baking soda and vinegar are mixed. The reaction between these two ingredients should inflate the balloons.

July 10, 2018

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You'll Need:

  • Balloons (1 per person)
  • Clean, empty bottles (1 per person)
  • Small funnel
  • Baking soda (2 tablespoons per person)


  1. Using the funnel, add the baking soda to each balloon.
  2. Pour the vinegar into the bottle.
  3. Carefully fit the balloon over the bottle opening, being careful not to drop the baking soda into the vinegar.
  4. Once the balloon is secured, lift the balloon to drop the baking soda into the vinegar.
  5. Observe the chemical reaction and its effect on the balloon.


Download and print the instructions for all three experiments.